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What does Child Maintenance Pay for?

If you have a child or children and have split up with or divorced your spouse or partner, you should be asking yourself the question ‘what does child maintenance pay for?’ It is very important that every parent is clear on what child support is about and what it pays for, as well as … [Read More...]

How to get a Child Support Court Order

If you have a child and are separated or divorced from the child’s other parent, you might find it necessary to know how to get a child support court order so that you can make sure that your child is taken care of no matter what the situation. While some maintenance agreements may be … [Read More...]

Government Child Support Grants

Getting government child support grants is not difficult if you qualify for them and if you carry out the process correctly and through the right avenues.   What is a child support grant? A child support grant is an amount of money paid by the government to the primary care giver … [Read More...]

A Fathers Right to See His Children

If you are a father and if you are not in a relationship with the mother of your child or children, you should have an understanding of a father’s rights to see his children in terms of the law.   What are your rights as a father? The Children’s Act of 2005 deems that both … [Read More...]

Child Maintenance Law in South Africa

Divorce and separation is unfortunately very common in today’s world, and because the children are the most important factor in any relationship or marriage, understanding child maintenance law in South Africa is very important. Because so many couples separate or get divorced after a … [Read More...]

How does Spousal Maintenance work?

If you have recently separated from or divorced your partner, the question you should ask yourself is: how does spousal maintenance work? Whether you are looking to receive payments from an ex-spouse or ready yourself to provide it, it is very important to know how it … [Read More...]